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About us
This site is operated by Sandal Magna PCC. We are a Christian Church based in Sandal, Wakefield, UK.

This version of web site was originally made live in July 2013. The purpose of the site is to communicate the mission and work of the church and related activities.

Your use of this site
All text and graphics held in the website are subject to UK copyright legislation. Copyright for all text and graphics remains with the original copyright holder or author and no material may be reproduced without the permission of the original owner. Materials displayed here are made available for information and entertainment purposes only and cannot be reproduced for commercial purposes.

Members of the public who contribute their own text or graphics to this site must understand that the has no power to prevent third parties from downloading resources displayed on the site, and then using these in other formats. If, however, you become aware of abuse of copyright legislation in relation to this site, we should be very grateful to hear from you, please contact us. 

We take reasonable care to ensure that the information appearing on this site is accurate and up-to-date. However, errors and omissions do occur, and you should not take the accuracy of the information for granted. 

The contents of this web site are for general information only and do not constitute professional advice. Whilst makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information on this web site, it cannot accept responsibility for any claim, loss or damage which may occur from the use of the information. The reader assumes full responsibility for using the information at this web site. 

Links to third party sites
Links to other sites from these pages are for information only and accepts no responsibility or liability for information contained on any site which is linked from or to this site. 

Links to our site
Links promoting the website and its contents in a positive way are much appreciated. In creating a link to this site please indicate that we are the source of the information by including an acknowledgement near to/in the link. We would be grateful if you could notify us about the link. Please also ensure that we are not brought into disrepute by the creation of the link; in such cases, we will request the link’s removal (and, if necessary, may bring legal proceedings to seek its removal). Please note that we may move pages on this site or change their address without prior notice. 

Copyright guidelines
What is Copyright?
Copyright is in place to prevent individuals original work from being exploited. If you have produced an original work, written down your memories or a report, taken a photograph or been recorded, then you probably own the copyright.

Copyright covers different types of work including writings, drawings, photographs, music and the spoken word if it is recorded. If you own the copyright then we need your permission for the work to be used. We are hoping that you will let us use your work to help in our project.

Copyright can be bought and sold, assigned, bequeathed or given away. However, ownership of a document does not necessarily include ownership of copyright. 

Who owns copyright?
This depends upon the type of work and the date on which it was created. Generally, the first owner is the author.
For photographs created between 1 July 1912 and 31 August 1989, the person who owned the material on which it was taken is the copyright owner. 

Before 1912 and after 1989 the author is the person who created the photograph (normally the photographer or his employer if he worked for someone else).

How long does copyright last?
Life of the author and 70 complete years after their death, or for sound recordings, 50 complete years after it was made.

Guidance on material submitted to the website

What will we use your resource(s) for?
Your material is to be used in the production of a Sandal Magna PCC website. Sandal Magna PCC will keep a digital copy of your archive that may be viewed by the public. It will be accessible on the Internet.

It is possible that some of your material may be used in Sandal Magna PCC promotional material. For example, your photograph may appear in the Sandal Magna PCC newsletter, on an event poster or in a report.

Your material can be accessed by the public but we will only make one copy of a resource for an individual, unless we ask your permission for more copies to be made. That copy can only be used for educational, non-commercial and private research; for example researching family or local history or a school project.

Our usage of the resource(s) is a more detailed legal outline of what your work may be used for.

Our usage of the resources submitted by third parties

* The resource(s) will be captured electronically and stored on CD or other appropriate storage device such as a memory card. The original material will remain with the holder.

* The resource(s) may be copied onto other CDs or other appropriate storage devices for archive purposes, and stored by Sandal Magna PCC. 

* If you do not wish for your resource(s) to be placed on this website please inform us.

* Sandal Magna PCC reserves the right to use the material (images, recordings and text) for promotional purposes, e.g. exhibitions, lectures and publicity material.

* Sandal Magna PCC will only supply or make available copies of the material in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. A single copy of the resource will be made available to a member of the public for educational, private research, non-commercial and personal use only, unless the express permission of the copyright holder is obtained.

* Sandal Magna PCC cannot offer the copyright holder any payment, remuneration or compensation for the material offered to the website.

* Details of the resource holder will not be publicised or released to any third party, but filed with Sandal Magna PCC, subject always to the requirements of the 1998 Data Protection Act.

* Sandal Magna PCC here agrees that it will not seek to obtain copyright from the rightful owner. The copyright will remain with the holder.

* The resource holder shall remain the owner of any moral rights to the resource(s) that they held prior to allowing Sandal Magna PCC access to them.

* Sandal Magna PCC will not copy or substantially alter the resource(s), or any part of them, to produce a new artistic or literary work.

* Sandal Magna PCC may, as necessary, move or alter the file formats and storage media so that the digital preservation of the material is ensured.