Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is a great way to find out about the Christian faith, in a friendly, non-pressurising and informal environment.

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Each session begins with refreshments, followed by a talk on one of the themes outlined below. After a short brea, we have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss what issues you are interested in, in the informal context of a small group.

The course is also a very effective preparation for those who wish to be baptised and confirmed.

The themes are as follows:

1. Who is Jesus?
2. Why did Jesus die?
3. Why and how should I read the Bible?
4. Why and how do I pray? 
5. How does God guide us?
6. Who is the Holy Spirit?
7. and 8. Awayday What does the Holy Spirit do? and how can I be filled with the Spirit?
9. How can I resist evil?
10. Why and how should we tell others?
11. Does God heal today?
12. What about the church?

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