St Helen’s and St Paul’s churches are closed for the time being.
A service is broadcast live every Sunday at 11am on our Facebook page, Sandal Magna Parish.

The Spring Community Shop and Café is closed for the time being.
For takeaway orders, please visit our new web-site
or go to: https://www.facebook.com/thespring299/
or ‘phone 07729 209837.

Please see further information in the E-News section of our website or visit our Facebook page

Please also note the guidelines from the Church of England

Please click on the PDF icon to access our APCM report.

We warmly welcome you to the website of The Parish of Sandal Magna.

We continue to serve Christ as much as we are able to during this time. If you have any enquiries please contact the Parish office on 01924 259966.

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Rupert Martin (Vicar)