The Parish of Sandal Magna

New Electoral Roll - Read and Rejoin

This is the basic list in every parish of all those entitled to vote on elections within the Church of England. Those entitled to have their names on this roll have to be 16 years of age or more and they must reside in the relevant parish or be regular worshippers in church whose roll they wish to join. The roll is completely renewed every six years, when all members have to re-apply for membership or else their names will be deleted. By this means, the continuing validity of the roll is maintained. This is the sixth year when everyone has to reapply. The forms will be ready this weekend to fill in at any of our services, and to hand back straight away if you wish. You could also download and print your own copy from the web-site and bring it to church. The last date for enrolment will be Monday 9th April.

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