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Annual Parochial Church Meeting

At our Annual Parochial Church Meeting, we were grateful to our three Church Wardens who agreed to serve for another year, Craig Orr, Brian Pratt and Andrea North. We were pleased that six new members were elected, Ed Brindley, Ben Cutts, Julian and Lynne Finn, Caroline Rountree and Margaret Walke. Existing members continued to serve faithfully; Derek Coombes, John Ellis, Susan Lee, Roger Parker, Viv Buckley, Neale Clark, Teddy Foster, and Rose Lee. Mike Keeton continues to serve as our Deanery Synod Representative, and Ross Knowles has become our Disability Representative.

We thanked Martin Porritt who has stepped down from the PCC but continues as a valued advisor. We also thanked Rose Lee for her 8 years of serving as PCC Secretary, and welcomed Lynne Finn in her place.

We are blessed with those who serve and lead in our church in any capacity, and are grateful for God’s provision of so many people to enable us to reach out into our community from a sound base of Worship, Fellowship and Administration.

As Disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to model our lives on His life. A useful way of remembering our priorities is to look at a triangle of Up, In and Out, which reflects the interdependent life of the three persons of the HolyTrinity.

Up involves spending time with God in worship and prayer, nourishing our faith with the refreshing spirit of his presence.

In means that we draw strength and encouragement from one another, through regularly meeting in a variety of groups.

Out reminds us that our calling is to go out and make disciples and to serve our community with our gifts.

As part of our meeting, we always acknowledge the life and contribution of faithful servants who have gone before us; 
Peggy Ritchie, Jean Hill, Betty Sleigh, Jim Hickman, Tony Pottage, Basil and Mair Lord, Victor Wilshire, Candice Woodcock, Ann Strapps.

We also commend the work of certain people who serve Christ faithfully in a variety of ways:
Jane Gibb, who is a mainstay of the various ministries of St Paul’s including Boogie Woogie Tots.
Anne Newby, who is the secretary for the PCC Standing Committee, helps clean the Church and is also part of the Families@4 team.

Liz Rowe, who heads up our ministry to Young People, and leads intercessions beautifully.
Marisa Kapp, who keeps us all on track as Parish Administrator, heads up the Boogie Woogie team, and is involved with Baptism families especially at Families@4.

Andy Owen, who helps lead Red Shed Poets and other community activities, alongside his musical contributions to worship.

Julie Owen who has faithfully served the young people of the Parish for over 25 years.
They represent the many folk who serve tirelessly, often behind the scenes, to help create a loving community of Christ that is open to all and reaches out to folk in our parish and city.
Our Mission Statement that with Jesus, the lost are found, the found grow and he lonely are enfolded, is supplemented by a statement which reflects our DNA as a church; 
With Jesus we choose to be an inclusive family, creatively welcoming and hospitable, living in hope and compassion, believing that change is possible.

May we continue prayerfully to try to live out these words and to encourage one another in our resurrection life of witness and service.


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