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Last year's report concentrated on the work done to refurbish the bells and the tower - this work continued through the spring of 2018, involving a small warranty repair carried out by Taylors, and completion of the clapper pivot and lubrication overhaul.

When at last the 'dirty work' was finished, we took the opportunity to clean and repaint the ringing chamber, and renew the carpet. This has improved the environment greatly!

During the summer, it became clear that we were sometimes struggling to provide sufficient ringers to cover Sunday services. In November, Margot Cutt made an appeal in church for members of the congregation to join us as trainees. This coincided with bellringing achieving media coverage in connection with commemoration of the 1918 armistice, for which we rang the bells half-muffled - an eerily sombre effect - and our plea for more people was also circulated on social media.

The effect was amazing! We suddenly gained six trainees, and others have come along subsequently. As expected, a few dropped out, because ringing is quite a difficult skill to master, and we are seeking commitment to regular attendance on Sundays, but we still have six trainees who are making excellent progress. This is a much better outlook, and we hope to be able to offer more reliable service ringing for future.

Meanwhile, our team continues to steadily learn more complex 'methods', notably the method called 'Sandal' - we really should be able to ring this successfully in our home tower!

Roger Townend

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