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Some Extracts from our Annual Report Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

2018 was an extremely busy year for CAP in Wakefield.  The CAP ministries we are now running from St Helen's are:

CAP Debt Centre - Sarah Cutts continues to manage the Debt Centre, 2 days a week and Ruth McCallum joined mid-year as a Debt Coach working one day week.  Sandra Gordon left her role in February to spend more time with her elderly father.  It was a pleasure having Sandra in the team.  It is great to have Ruth in the team, and she has settled into her new role quickly and well. 

CAP Fresh Start 
- a women's group running on Tuesdays, 12.30-2.30pm led by Sally Martin and Joyce Bloomfield. This is a course that helps each of us work with our lives and see them transformed- a men's group on a Wednesday early afternoon with Mick Read.

CAP Job Club - Sarah Cutts and Janet Gardner have continued to support people who need help on a Thursday at the Rainbow Hub in Portobello. 

CAP Money - 3 courses were run at The Spring by Catherine Moxham, Ruth McCallum and Sallyanne Lewis.  John Law ran CAP Money at Wetherby Young Offenders Prison.  All courses were a real success. 

The CAP ministries are an incredible way of meeting people where they are. They are a real challenge as we get alongside people who are in extremely difficult places. Through our ministries we continue to share the gospel, bring hope and freedom. The ministries have been run and  supported by an amazing group of volunteers including Mick Read and Sheila Hornby-Mould who volunteer each week in the office doing marketing and administration. 

In 2018 we blessed clients with events, holidays, hampers, cards, cakes, food and clothes deliveries.  We saw 11 people go debt free and 5 people responded to the gospel message.   
Our vision for 2019 is to build on our Men's Work and encourage our volunteers to engage more with our clients, who require so much additional support.  

A huge thanks to everyone involved in CAP and for the amazing financial support from The Spring, partner churches and local business people.

Sarah Cutts

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