The Parish of Sandal Magna

Seek by Stefan Grieve


This is what hides

In the deepest dark

Stronger than your fears
More urgent than new year’s start

Older than the woods of wild

Louder than the cries of a child

But quiet as a mouse

Waiting, patiently, in the hollows of your house

It does not care

Who you are

Your race, your size, your age

How hot your rage

It is simply there

If you choose to seek it

If you believe it


That one word

One single word 

And what it means

Can conjure up 

The answer to your dreams 

What stops the nightmares

The success of your schemes

That burst

Of warm energy

Can carry you through

And defeat the enemy

Of your heart

Like life itself

It defeats the dark
So, when you are lost

Or feel forgotten

Seek out hope

And you are one more step

Towards the only Begotten.

Stefan Grieve

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