The Parish of Sandal Magna


Church family by Stefan Grieve, Dedicated to St Helen’s

To have a family
Not just one in blood
But in spirit
Beneath a church roof
Within it
Fills me with joy

For the flow that connects me
And a wisdom that corrects me
Has built upon my character
Has helped a heart so full of space
Be filled with a more incandescent grace

To be part of the church body
And to be more separate from my folly
I can only say with honest faith
I'm thankful for my newfound place.

The search of a faithful Foxglove by Harry Waring

Dormant seed impatient for spring
Last years Foxglove is searching, searching
Its faith undimmed its life begins
great effort rewarded with wondrous seedling

As the golden globe progresses o’er the sky
The seed transcends to please the eye
With love for life it becomes a plant
Its growth proclaims bravery, gallant

Knowing its journey is barely begun
It daily follows its creators' sun
Showers aid a predestined way
Its flowers perambulating upward, gay

With faithful beauty, its pointed arrow appealing
to the spirit for it’s never ending yearning
Its work unfinished its strength is spent
With faith undimmed its baton passed
An offspring seed is given its chance

This journey of struggle begets its bounteous reward
With Elysian Fields of majestic sward
Its legacy proclaimed its faith unswerving
Worthy the effort of searching, searching.

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