The Parish of Sandal Magna

Exhibition of Paintings by Zöe Carlon

A new exhibition of paintings by Zöe Carlon opens in the Emmaus Rooms. Zöe was born in 1993 and studied at Leeds University on their BA Fine Arts Course, spending a year at the Hungarian Academy of fine Arts in Budapest. There she developed her painterly skills through Life Drawing and Still Life observation, as well as exploring the spaces in the city. She has found inspiration in the work of Lois Dodd a painter of the simple forms of American rural life. Zöe’s recent series of small paintings depict the view from windows at Dumfries House during a residency earlier this year. These pictures contrast the verticals and horizontals of the window frames with the more irregular trees and landscapes beyond, creating a dialogue between the representational and the abstract. Zöe will be returning to Budapest this autumn for a residency with the Art Quarter, Budapest.


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